From: Bruce McDowell
Subject: Affiliation Review Submission - The New Per Head Model - Submitted by Bruce McDowell
Date: 7 March 2019 at 5:34:53 PM NZDT
To: "Adam Gard'ner"

Hi Adam,

Thank you for you phone call yesterday and once again for the opportunity to present a further individual submission to the Affiliation Review. Further to the eight TCRI Board hardcopies I provided to Guy last Friday I now attach for your reference the subject in PDF format.

As with my earlier Vote Band Model submission this submission for a New Per Head Model will also accommodate new membership type definitions so to introduce more cost effective memberships through "equivalent memberships".

As discussed, I think in the interests of transparency and in the light of the thought and consideration which will have been put into all the submissions, that it would be beneficial for the members to be provided with all the submissions in full. This could be done either by TCRI circulating them or making them available on the TCRI website.

I have always maintained that collecting affiliation fees on a per head basis is the fairest way for TCRI and TNZ to collect reasonable affiliation fee revenue from its members and I hope my submission helps in the affiliation review.

I look forward to seeing the other submissions and feedback in due course.

Kind regards,


The New Per Head Model